Reapply for my existing job

Well, with the government furloughs, my company has an interesting take on it.  I get to reapply for my existing job.  Turn in a new resume and then apply for my current job, interview and all.  And even better, probably with a lower pay because another company has won the contract, and my company will be the sub-contractor.  Just want I need right now, to have to beg to keep my job, and possibly lose it to someone who has not done any of the work that we have done to migrate these sites over.

I am considering going back to writing short stories and/or letting my doctor officially designate me as disabled.  I have been holding off on being officially labeled disabled, because I don’t like labels, but if I am labeled disabled before the interview, and they don’t pick me, I could possibly make a case that the reason the didn’t keep me was because I was disabled, and that it was discrimination.  Or, I could just stop working and live off the government.  I hadn’t planned on doing that, but with the way the current President is running the country, I might as well.

I am thinking about setting up a website to sell my stories, but I am not sure who I want to sell them to.  I have one buyer who has been asking me to write them for years.  He will probably buy.  But what if not one else is interested?  Maybe he has friends that are interested in them.  We will see.  Anyway, I have to find something, just in case I am not kept when the change comes.

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